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Developing your hobby or skill into a real business can be a difficult struggle. Now we got that fixed, we manage youngster through this part of their growth so they can do want the love and not worry about the numbers.

Do what you love

As a creative person or craftsperson, you need to focus on doing the thing you love as well as possible. We help you with all the other stuff.

Convert your idea into a business

As young event promoters, we’ve experienced the struggle of converting what you’re passionate about into a real business. We succeeded, and are happy to help you succeed as well.

Hitch on our network and experience

Through the years, we built an extensive network of interesting people in public and private sectors. We build some of our own brands quit successfully, and we are ready to support start-ups and new brands. With a strong in-house team, we provide analysis, strategy and execution. We focus on online and offline marketing, storytelling and activations.

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